To start with, Alpro is a community pharmacy by nature and was founded by both Pharmacist Low Swee Siong and Pharmacist Hiew Fei Tsong. They have a dream, to build a healthy and vibrant world. They strived hard to get Alpro Pharmacy a place that everyone aspires to work for.

15 years along the journey, the breadth and depth of Alpro’s business experiences and unique positioning has made a distinct success not only in the community pharmacy industry, but also the business sectors. Whether that you are seeking to achieve exceptional business concepts, or wonder how to hire and engage great employees, or build up your soft skills and leadership, Alpro Academy is equipped to provide the solutions in preparing you for greater success.

We do not teach. We share and get you the experience. Throughout the journey, we have made mistakes way more that we hope for, but every baby steps bring us another step up the attitude.Our people are our best teachers, they are the subject experts. We believe continuous training is powerful not only for the ROI of company, but self-development for employees.

Why choose Alpro Academy ?

Every Alpro leader and practitioners is exceptional in terms of experience and achievement. Growing together with the greatest leaders accelerates success.



To foster a vibrant learning environment with transformative impact towards business growth and society




Our promise to students is to explore the best out of everyone, enrich with additional skills, then assisting them to reach a higher goal in career and life. Most importantly, to make every day of his or her work a meaningful one.

Core Values


Alpro Academy focuses not only on business solution, but also to get our students and employees connect to the global platform.


Employment Engagement

To nurture a culture of excellence, we believe that professional development and sense of job satisfaction is essential and powerful.


Best in career

Alpro Academy understands the needs in community pharmacy and corporate leadership, then offers necessary educations to assist our employees in striving their best in career