Our Employees, Our Children

Alpro Academy established 2016 with the great support from all departments & pharmacists. This month we announced Alpro Academy’s top scorer 2016, Kavetha A/P Raman. Kavetha A/P Raman scored overall 92% in the Academy Exam with an overall percentage of 92%. I would like to thank everyone for putting full efforts through the exams. Candidates travel every month to take exams, and the questions are prepared by pharmacists. There is definitely a lot of tears and hard work, but we know, it is for the betterment of community so that we can serve our customers better. Alpro Academy starts with a very authentic reason, for our people. We grow, appreciate, benefit and nurture our employees like our children. Knowledge that they gain, is treasure they have forever. Lim En Ni – Pharmacy Care & Development Manager