Our Program

Professional Accreditation

Be it acute or chronic pain, pain management involves more than pharmacotherapy. Counselling & support together with utilization of devices can speed up the recovery or minimizing pain, improving the overall quality of life.

Skin Care Accreditation  

Skin is the largest organ of body. Skin care management is essential in community pharmacy practice

Certified Smoking Cessation Service Provider

Smoking harms not only smoker, but family and the community. Stopping smoking is difficult as the addiction comes in significantly. Certified smoking cessation service provider helps not only to stop smoking, but also to prepare smokers and non-smokers towards a more vibrant life.

Medication review

Every medication regime is individualized and combination of medication with supplement or food may cause interaction. A Medicheck pharmacist is specialized in doing medication review for the medication safety of patient


When modern technology meets personal needs. Compounding has been started in ancient days and it is still a specialized skill for pharmacist to serve customers better

Academy Program

Executive Diploma in Retail Pharmacy Management

Retail management is challenging and changing fast. Retail pharmacy is unique as it needs to combine and balance both profit and professionalism into one operating business. Understanding the breadth and depth of successful retail pharmacy management not only increase business growth and customer loyalty, it gives job satisfaction to its employees too.

Alpro Pharmacy Academy

Exclusive for Alproean only. Monthly exam basis to provide fundamental pharmacy practice knowledge and common minor ailment to employees so we can address customers’ needs better

Alpro Graduate Program

Was formerly named as the EPAP (Excellent Pharmacy Apparenticehip Program). Specially designed for business graduates and Alproeans whom strive to upgrade themselves in career advancement. It is a 2-year programme uniquely designed to fit both industrial need and personal development.